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Litigation is one way that people and companies resolve disputes arising out of an infinite variety of factual circumstances. While my goal is to help businesses and individuals avoid litigation, my experience helps me effectively protect their interests should the need arise.

Michael has always included litigation as part of his practice.  It was no mistake that he began his legal career as a prosecutor; the intensive trial experience he gained as a criminal and then civil prosecutor with the Montgomery County Attorney’s Office has served him well over the years.

Michael’s litigation experience includes contract disputes, eminent domain/condemnation, easement disputes, suits to try title, adverse possession, deed restrictions, evictions, deceptive trade practices, fraud, trespass, nuisance, diversion of surface water, theft of trade secrets, copyright infringement, breach of fiduciary duty, tortious interference with inheritance.

Eminent Domain/Condemnation

Michael has represented numerous Condemning Authorities and Individuals in Eminent Domain/Condemnation cases.  Eminent Domain cases have included road right-of-way, drainage easements, utility easements, environmental protection easements and fee title to land for various government use.

Major Projects Michael has either represented Individuals or the Condemning Authority are:

The San Jacinto River Authority Ground Water Preservation Project;

Grand Parkway;

Interstate 45 widening

State Highway 242

Widening of State Highway 105

What is Litigation?

A controversy before a court or a ‘lawsuit’ is commonly referred to as ‘litigation’. If it is not settled by agreement between the parties, it will eventually be heard and decided by a judge or jury in a court.

The term ‘litigation’ is sometimes used to distinguish lawsuits from alternative dispute resolution methods such as ‘arbitration’ in which a private arbitrator would make the decision, or ‘mediation’ which is a type of structured meeting with the parties and an independent third party who works to help them fashion an agreement among themselves.

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