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Business Law

The structure of your business determines the extent of your personal liability and how the business will be taxed

Business law incorporates a variety of issues.  Michael has represented a variety of businesses dealing with everything from choice of entity, labor/employment issues, contracts, disputes and litigation arising from owning and operating a business.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Michael has represented numerous types of businesses involved in mergers with other business entities. In particular Michael has developed a reputation and specialization involving the acquisition of Pharmacies.  Michael has handled dozens of Pharmacy acquisitions, including multi-million dollar transactions.

How should I organize my company?

The most common forms of business organizations include

  1. Sole proprietorship
  2. Partnership
  3. General partnership
  4. Limited partnership
  5. Limited liability partnership
  6. Corporation
  7. Subchapter S corporation
  8. Subchapter C corporation
  9. Limited liability company

What Type of Entity Should I be Filing?

That will depend on the nature of your business, how many others will be participating in the business with you, how you’ll be raising capital, your entrepreneurial objectives, the type of operation you want to run, tax considerations, personal liabilities, and the state’s in which you’ll be operating.

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