Real Estate Attorneys Michael Beller of theWoodlands Texas includes both residential and commercial real estate. Clients include contractors, individuals, businesses, builders, developers. Property owner associations and government entities.

Real Estate Attorneys Woodlands Texas

Michael C. Beller, Attorney at Law

2441 High Timbers, Suite 100                                 The Woodlands, Texas  77380

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"My greatest reward from the practice of law is making a positive impact on the people and situations I deal with. My clients place their trust in me and I take that responsibility very seriously."

Michael C. Beller, J.D.

As a joint venture accountant, Mike learned the importance of structuring an entity right the first time. Business owners can't afford to wait until tax time to discover that their companies could have benefited from legal advice up front which could save them money later on.

Business owners -- as well as anyone with assets they want transferred according to their wishes rather than as decreed by a court -- need to take the time to do some personal estate planning. While it may be uncomfortable, it is both smart and caring to determine a plan that protects your employees and your family.

Similarly, smart people create documentation early in business relationships that both protects them and succinctly outlines expectations between all the parties. Litigation is often the result of poor planning and inadequate front end work and no matter who is at fault no one wants to incur the financial and personal costs involved to pursue or defend themselves when misunderstandings turn into confrontation and courtroom conflict.

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